Feel organized & in control

Get back on track with your employees and expenses. Know the full story of your business through advanced analytics.

Gain Control of Your Payroll

We take the stress out of payroll, we ensure your pay elements are set up properly so that you are compliant with all governing bodies, this in turn reduces any fines and penalties. We help you control operational costs by providing insights using data analytics. We can also help you plan for your future. 

Rather than trying to juggle payroll and benefits in house, trust us to not only get you back on track but to get you further ahead with advanced analytics.

Our founder, Mary, is a subject matter expert when it comes to payroll and analytics. She is a Payroll Leadership Professional certified by the National Payroll Institute with over 20 years over experience in the field.

No more sleepless nights

Gain operational efficiencies, lower retention issues, and save time & money

Payroll Processing

Posting pay for all of your employees. Ensuring that everything is accurate and you are compliant.

Pension & Benefits admin

Administration of your pension and benefits plan for all of your employees.

Data validation & reporting

Ensuring all of your employee data is accurate and up to date. Providing unique visibility into your business through advanced analytics.

get your payroll
processed properly

Getting your payroll back on track is the key to higher employee retention, reducing expenses, and lower stress.